Our vision: to advance beyond state-of-the-art solutions in bone repair

cmRNAbone aims to develop an innovative gene therapy for bone regeneration to improve the lives of patients with large traumatic injuries or bone degenerating diseases such as osteoporosis. The targeted solution goes beyond state-of-the-art technologies with the goal of creating a paradigm shift in the way osteoporosis and large bone defects are treated.

The novel and unique therapeutic strategy proposed by cmRNAbone will create an ecosystem for the translation of regenerative medicine, by combining several fields such as cmRNA technology, nanomedicine, 3D bioprinter and bioink as well as hydrogels/scaffold. Thanks to the large group of patients considered and the expected relatively low costs of cmRNA, larger quantities of the final product will be required, increasing their volume production and reducing the economical barrier for the translation of the product to clinical use.

In the frame of the cmRNAbone project, 3D bioprinting will be brought closer to the clinic with completely tailored equipment adapted to the requirements for use in hospital (e.g. in terms of sterility and easy-to-handle, disposable cartridges). Moreover, the use of RNA molecules provides significant advantages in terms of environmental protection, as it will reduce the overall energy consumption of their production and decrease the exposure of marine life to pharmaceuticals.

The development of the whole product as well as its components will be done in close cooperation with regulatory bodies, thus identifying and addressing the critical attributes that require testing to determine their potency and safety. cmRNAbone will facilitate the translation of its novel solution by taking into account all the guidelines required for the development of Tissue Engineered Products (TEP) and Gene Therapy medicinal product (GTMP).

Last, but not least, the targeted platform for bone regeneration could be used within a treatment regimen for other bone diseases, including bone necrosis or osteogenesis imperfecta.