Cluster Workshop Co-organised by cmRNAbone and Sister Project SINPAIN

The SINPAIN and cmRNAbone projects have teamed up to host a cluster workshop on 8 September 2023. The workshop will focus on discussing the latest advancements in osteoarthritis treatment and bone regeneration. It will be held on the sidelines of the ESB 2023 conference, and will be hosted by AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) which is a partner in both projects and also organiser of ESB 2023.


SINPAIN is striving to revolutionise the treatment of knee osteoarthritis (OA) by developing a pipeline of safe, efficient, and cost-effective advanced siRNA therapies. The proposed SINPAIN therapy will combine RNA technology, nanocarriers, and an improved hyaluronic acid-based knee viscosupplement (IA-HA). This pioneering treatment has the potential to manage inflammation and control the innervation of knee OA at any stage of the disease progression (grades 0-1 and 3-4). Specially designed machine-learning tools will support the delivery of personalised therapies, making SINPAIN a true game-changer in the field.

About ESB

ESB2023 is one of the premier biomaterials events of the year, attracting excellent and highly experienced scientists from other EU-funded projects in the field. As such, projects collaborating with SINPAIN and cmRNAbone have been invited to participate in this clustering event. We anticipate around 15-20 participants from various institutions, openly sharing their experiences in addressing the need for new treatments for osteoarthritis – a disease that remains one of the leading causes of physical disability, with ever-increasing numbers. A short recap of this event will be published in September 2023.