cmRNAbone Organises a Cluster Collaboration Meeting With Other Horizon 2020/Europe Projects

The 33rd Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) brought 1,200 international researchers and innovators together at the famous Conference Centre in Davos, Switzerland. The event has been organised by the coordinating institution of the cmRNAbone project, the AO Research Institute (ARI) – a pioneering excellence hub to advance orthopaedic patient care through innovative research and development.

Sharing the conference’s overall objective, namely to promote interactions and collaborations between researchers, educators, clinicians and industry representatives interested in biomaterials, Eurice initiated a collaboration workshop and invited coordinators and project participants of different Horizon 2020/Europe projects to share insights and visions to strengthen clustering activities between Horizon projects in health-related biomaterial research.

cmRNAbone, represented by Martin Stoddart (Coordinator), Matteo D’Este from ARI, and Jörg Scherer and Nadine Drechoux from Eurice (task leader for Dissemination and Outreach activities) met in a joint meeting with the following Horizon 2020/Europe projects:

The overall aim of this Cluster Collaboration with other related projects in the field of biomaterials is to maximise impact and drive innovation by forming new bonds and collaborations. For this first meeting, the main purpose was to share best practices, exchange experiences, and explore possibilities for future collaboration.

After an initial overview of the goals of the Cluster Collaboration and various ideas for collaboration, the individual projects were presented in a nutshell. This session has been followed up by identifying and selecting a number of concrete clustering activities to be implemented in a pilot phase within the different projects.

A big thank you to all participants for a co-creative and very constructive meeting in a very inspiring location at Davos.

Collaborative action creates impact!

Cluster Meeting participants in Davos, Switzerland

Cluster Meeting location, AO Foundation, Davos, Switzerland

Martin Stoddart, cmRNAbone coordinator

Jörg Scherer, Eurice CEO

Damien Dupin, SINPAIN coordinator

Davos, Switzerland