New cmRNAbone Paper Explores How to Improve Osteointegration of Implants

Researchers from the cmRNAbone consortium have investigated different methods for coating cmRNA on titanium surfaces

A very promising new research paper on improving implant integration into bone tissue has just been published by members of the cmRNAbone consortium. Guided by Elizabeth Rosado Balmayor (UM) in collaboration with Martijn van Griensven (UM) and Christian Plank (Ethris), the paper evaluates different coating methodologies as well as cmRNA incorporation strategies.

Osteointegration is one of the most important factors for implant success. cmRNA combined with biomaterials can be used to develop transcript-activated matrices for local protein production. The osteoinductive potential of this approach has now been further investigated in the paper called “Transcript-Activated Coatings on Titanium Mediate Cellular Osteogenesis for Enhanced Osteointegration”.

Find the full Open Access paper here: