What the ESB Conference 2023 Holds for the cmRNAbone Project: An Interview with Matteo D’Este

As the 33rd Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) approaches (September 4 – 8, in Davos, Switzerland), we had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Matteo D’Este, Conference Chair and cmRNAbone Team Leader at the AO Forschungsinstitut Davos.

During our conversation, Dr. D’Este shared insights about what exciting prospects the conference holds for our project.

What are the key research findings from the cmRNAbone project that will be presented at the ESB conference?
The ESB conference is the must-go for all investigators, clinicians, and companies involved in biomaterials research. Like last year, the cmRNAbone project is well represented at the conference, with scientific communications concerning the biomaterial inks and cmRNA delivery systems developed in the project. Another highlight will be the keynote lecture delivered by Dr. Andrea Banfi from the University of Basel, who also leads a cmRNAbone task.

How can the cmRNAbone project benefit from the conference?
As the most significant event for Biomaterials in Europe, the ESB conference brings together the most prominent research groups and stakeholders in this field. Sharing the cmRNAbone project results in this context translates into giving the project the broadest possible impact in the area of biomaterials. Furthermore, participating in the conference provides an opportunity to stay updated on the latest advancements in the field.

How is the research in the cmRNAbone project linked to the ESB topics?
Biomaterials research is central to cmRNAbone, particularly in advancing biomaterial inks, 3D printing, and delivery vehicles. These elements are crucial to ensure the stability of the chemically modified RNAs of the project’s name, enabling them to reach their designated targets and fulfil their biological functions effectively.

To learn more about the ESB Conference 2023, please visit the event’s website.