Kuros Biosciences BV

Kuros Biosciences (SIX:KURN) develops innovative products for bone regeneration and is located in Schlieren (Zurich), Switzerland and Bilthoven, The Netherlands. Kuros Biosciences aims to deliver decreased complications, advanced functional rehabilitation and to eliminate non-unions for spine surgeons and their patients. With more than 150 years of combined research experience, Kuros Biosciences are well-established as leaders in orthobiologics. Our focus is on revolutionizing this field by developing bone grafts that deliver both targeted and controlled bone healing. Kuros recently launched MagnetOs, a unique calcium phosphate bone graft with submicron surface topography, that harnesses the power of osteoimmunology to deliver uniform, solid and stable spinal fusions. This technology has an osteoinductive claim in Europe. Visit www.kurosbio.com for additional information on Kuros, its people, science and product pipeline.

Main task in the project

  • The develop, characterization, production and supply of customized osteoinductive and osteoconductive Calcium phosphate granules, fitting project requirements within WP3, WP2 and WP4,
  • The formulation, preparation, characterization, sterilization and supply of injectable formulations containing the above Calcium Phosphate Granules, fitting project requirements within WP3, WP2 and WP4.
  • WP3 leadership for scientific coordination, scientific coordination, quality assurance & risk management
  • Communication of scientific results in peer-reviewed journal and/or conferences
Prof. Bronkhorstlaan 10
Building 48
3723 MB Bilthoven
The Netherlands

Main Contacts

Dr Florence Barrère de Groot
Dr Florence Barrère de Groot
Team Leader
Nathan Kucko
Nathan Kucko
Deputy Team Leader