OZ Biosciences SAS

OZ Biosciences (OZB) is a French SME founded in 2003 that creates and develops new research tools focused on delivery technologies of bioactive materials (nucleic acid, protein, peptide…) into living organisms intended for the life sciences research world and pharmaceutical industries. The company is particularly specialized in nanotechnologies, nanoparticles bio-functionalization, formulations, transduction and transfection. The proprietary technologies of OZB are based on lipids, polymers, liposomes and magnetic nanoparticles. OZB current R&D activities are focused on the synthesis and formulations of new lipids, polymers and nanoparticles, for the delivery of DNA, RNA, and other molecules applied to neurosciences, regenerative medicine, cell therapy, vaccines, ophthalmology, ex-vivo gene therapy and cancer. The company’s mission is to create cutting-edge technologies that accelerate biological discoveries and enable scientists to achieve outstanding success. OZB conceives and offers technologically advanced tools such as generic and specific transfection reagents, functionalized magnetic nanoparticles, lipid-based and polymer-based nanoparticles as well as other life science research products. OZB nanotechnologies and products are routinely used by numerous scientific worldwide for nucleic acids and proteins transfections, viral applications, bioproduction etc. The main focus is on nanoparticles delivery systems of biomolecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins for in vitro and in vivo applications.

Main task in the project

  • Leader of WP2: OZB will synthesize, and develop innovative and optimized lipid-based cmRNA delivery vehicles for the different matrices. The carriers will be fully characterized in terms of physico-chemical properties, biocompatibilities and capacities to be embedded into the 3D hydrogel. OZB transfection reagents will also be used to characterize cmRNAs functionality (WP1).
  • OZB propose to develop in collaboration with the consortium partners optimized nanomaterials for mRNA delivery into 3D matrices for bone regeneration. OZB will implement processes for scale up manufacturing, GLP-ready and SOP procedures to favor a rapid transition for future GMP production (WP2, WP8). OZB is also going to play a critical role in the exploitation and dissemination of the technology (WP9, WP10).
OZ Biosciences
Parc Scientifique de Luminy
163, avenue de Luminy - Case 922
Zone Luminy Entreprises
13 288 Marseille Cedex 9 - FRANCE

Main Contacts

Olivier Zelphati
Olivier Zelphati
Team Leader
Cédric Sapet
Cédric Sapet
Deputy Team Leader, Work Package Leader WP2
Elise Bonvin
Elise Bonvin
Deputy Work Package Leader WP2